Month: March 2013

Seattle’s “Sodo” w/ an “r” sounds like a Lord Of The Rings City

The headline is what started it: “Faces Of Sodo:…” (Puget Sound Biz Journal). I started with reading that’d as “Sodor”, then my brain ran with it. Perhaps Sodor is that area south of Modor where the baseball and football stadiums area? Because Sauron likes himself some ballgames to unwind after a busy day of global conquest.

It was funny in my mind. I guess you had to be there.

Added To My Must See List: Living Computer Museum

Just stumbled across this via the Billings Gazette, of all things. They have a great overview of the place so no need for me to recreate their work. Give them a peek.

This, definitely, must be on my 2013 tour list. I guess the biggest question is whether I’ll force my family to come along. Since it’s really not geek centric, perhaps they’ll enjoy it, too.


More details are on their site:


Many years ago now, I was a pretty hardcore fitness buff. The past few months have seen me reconnect with that part of me. Besides taekwondo, I’ve been focusing on time in the gym. Mostly on weight machines and cycling (stationary bikes). The focus on building up my core fitness before I shift to more aggressive pursuits.

My gym of choice: Vision Quest in Edmonds. I love the town, and it’s a decent gym. I wish they’d get new stationary bikes, but that’s another post.

The only beef  right now: weekend hours. For me, it would be great to come in before 7:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. Now, I understand business and that they can’t build around one person’s needs. Can’t stop a guy from wishing, however. And it does make 24 Hour Fitness more attractive. With a LA fitness opening up close by, that might change things, too. However, I love to support the local guy, the home team. So, we’ll see, I guess.

As we move solidly into spring, I look forward to more outdoor stuff. A big one: taking my family on several hikes (Wallace Falls, along with others). And that, too, is another blog post.



Western Washington Snow Day


The picture above was taken yesterday of my backyard. I certainly wasn’t expecting snow, much less any accumulation. Parts of the county, including my son’s school district, actually felt the need to delay school.

Odd, really, considering the past few years, that we finally had a snow day after the official start of spring. Another example of the wacky weather this region received due to the convergence zone. Our geography provides for particularly odd weather patterns.

I, for one, when I’m not frustrated by it, find it lovely.