About, Well, Me…

I consider myself from Seattle, however, I wasn’t born here. My parents were born here, and their parents, too, but I spent my early childhood, and my early adulthood, traveling around the country and globe. Over those journeys, I’ve lived in (besides Washington): Rhode Island, California, DC, Subic Bay & San Miguel (Philippines), Oregon, Idaho and Florida.

This enables me to both “get” Seattle area culture, and yet also puzzle about it. I reflexively respond “Seattle-ly” with an awareness that it’s not the only way. Seattle’s cultural significantly impacts who I am, yet is modified by a global upbringing. I’m not only a Seattleite, but a global citizen with his heart in Seattle.

In Washington, I’ve lived in Seattle, Silverdale, Edmonds, Bothell and Lynnwood: many parts of the Puget Sound basin. My mother’s family is from eastern Washington, and have spent an appreciable amount of time there. I am aware that this region is dominated by Seattle, yet it’s not only Seattle.

My passions include technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, social psychology, the arts, cycling and taekwondo. My mantra: “Originality is everything”.

Even more of me here www.carlsetzer.com.

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