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Real Estate

As I’m looking over a statistical analysis of the active properties in Snohomish County, there are a few details that I find interesting.

  1. 5+ bedroom homes are selling quite fast (averaging 83 days on market)
  2. They’re selling faster than 3 bedroom homes (89 days)
  3. In third place are 4 bedroom homes at 94 days
    1. I would’ve expected them to sell faster than 5+…
  4. 2 bedrooms are the slowest sellers at 134 days on market
  5. Condos are selling faster than houses
    1. 2 bedroom condos are averaging 55 days
    2. 3 bedrooms are going in 58 days

It’s good to see condos taking off. I would expect the lack of inventory has been driving that. With all the details, though, involved in closing a condo, I’m surprised they’re closing faster.

Go figure!