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If you’re not inclined to zip over to the local fireworks stand (or Boom City), or just like professional fireworks, I’ve zipped together a little list for you. Not meant to be all-encompassing, by any stretch. Nor, for that matter, worrying about Seattle. That’s all over the tv and such. So, here’s the quick & dirty:

I orbit Edmonds and enjoy all the Fourth Events pulled together by the local Chamber. Stuff from 10am until 10 pm (when the fireworks begin). Details here:

Other local communities:

Mountlake Terrace (activities start at 8:00 pm)

Everett will have a host of events culminating with a evening fireworks show starting at 10:20 pm:

Plus, it looks like there will be Fireworks after the Aquasox game:

Lovely Kenmore has a show starting at 10:00 pm:

And one of my favorite towns, Bellingham, hosts a really nice production:


So, there’s a quick snapshot of the local fireworks show scene. Let me know if I’ve missed anything critical in the comments.


Terrace’s struggles with their cute municipal golf course may have come to an end as they get ready to change the space into parkland. I have fond memories of learning the game here, and really like the space. They intend to continue utilizing the clubhouse. And here’s an interesting opportunity, business-wise. The City is looking for someone to manage the space. To be clear they’re looking for a company to take on a contract, and not a city employee role. Anyway, if you have the capacity, you have until COB May 3 to submit your bid.

More details here:


Missing from Brier: Have you seen Dante?

Have any of you seen this little guy? Let’s help him get home.



This Wednesday, the MLT library is a teen movie night (more details at MLTNews). It’s great that these sorts of things are available. Sadly, this one seems to be going on hiatus. Let’s hope the Friends Of The MLT Library are able to continue this.

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