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Morning Weather

Though it’s a bit unusual for this time of year, I’m enjoying the grey skies this early AM, followed by the sun-shiny afternoons. Perhaps odd to some, grey skies are something I enjoy. They’re calming, tranquil. Yet, I understand why some find them depressing. I love that and mists moving through the trees.

It’s the little things, I guess.


Easter weekend rarely comes with such copious amounts of sun. Spent a fair amount of time outdoors, as folks from west of the cascades are want to do.


Easter itself had us driving to Bellingham. Didn’t get to hit Tony’s Coffee or Village Books. Still a good trip, though traffic bogged down though Everett to Marysville. Well, pretty much up into Arlington. Holiday weekends feature that, though.

Hope everyone had a safe journey through the gorgeous weekend.




Western Washington Snow Day


The picture above was taken yesterday of my backyard. I certainly wasn’t expecting snow, much less any accumulation. Parts of the county, including my son’s school district, actually felt the need to delay school.

Odd, really, considering the past few years, that we finally had a snow day after the official start of spring. Another example of the wacky weather this region received due to the convergence zone. Our geography provides for particularly odd weather patterns.

I, for one, when I’m not frustrated by it, find it lovely.