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Online Music Explorations

Another thing that makes me *heart* the internet: music. The ability to connect, on myriad levels, with a huge variety of artists just delights me.

Today I started exploring both Reverbnation and SoundCloud. They seem like great ways to dive deeper into lesser-covered music. One of my hipster-eque traits: I love to be able to say “I knew that band back before they were famous”. Just need to get paid for such.

I like both sites pretty well, though they’re pretty different. I spent more time at ReverbNation, but mostly to explore a friend’s band (check out Verdant Mile). SoundCloud hosts one of my favorite podcasts, Story Collider. Having the larger library of content is particularly delightful to me. I’ll need a deeper dive, though, until I really can form an opion.

Any of you use either of these much? Love them? Hate them? Know of another site that’s way better? Let me know!

An Area Must Do : Darrington Bluegrass Festival

This festival is one that I’ve yet to be able to make it to, but have long wanted to hit. I love the music. Sadly, every year, just like this one, I’m booked back-to-back all weekend. Several key birthdays fall right now.

However, that doesn’t mean YOU can’t go. And enjoy it. And make me jealous.

So, make your way to Darrington this weekend and have yourself a blast. Bluegrass blast?

click on the picture for details

Edit: Figured I should add the dates: July 19-21, 2013. However, the link has the full scoop. I’d never be able to get it all here…