Month: January 2013

Trolls and Vile Vitriol

This troll’s comment gave me pause. What’s the best response? Public humiliation & shame? Just ignoring them? Gentle correction? Or???

I find it hard to sit silently when I witness cruelty, even as I recognize that response is exactly what the troll seeks. Certainly don’t want to reward deviant behavior. However, what’s effective?

Fame At Any Cost? Why?

Our culture promotes fame. I’ve never understood the why. Why are we compelled to garner as much attention as possible?

Fame is so compelling that we’re quite comfortable with infamy. We’re comfortable with the horrified gaze, or at least the incredulous one.

My main evidence? The full spate of “reality” tv stars. Whether Honey Boo Boo right now, or what’s-his-name Huang American Idle, er Idol a few years back. Both people willing to abandon every shred of dignity for attention. Though annoying on so many levels, it presents for fascinating psychoanalysis. If you’re geeky like me, that is.