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Reading email (or most anything) late at night doesn’t tend to return me to sleep quickly. Rather, my mind awakens, engages, then wants to learn more. Knowledge is a vibrant engagement for me.

Hand lunges.

Momentary grasp for power.

Power touched; flees.
Power’s gone, mist:

Angry vacant god.
Emptiness returns.

Desperation’s emptiness
Resumes its
Ice cold


Oh, I feel this pain…

Fragmented beauty,
Soul shards lay motionless
Upon a steel floor.

Darkness lurks upon the farside of my window.
Orange red splotches force through the murk,
Showing much too little.

Too much hidden for those seeking safety.
So much away from the accountability of eyes.
Sometimes selfish longings,
Sometimes the drive to cause pain.

Whether avoiding guilt or capture,
Night’s blanket an ally.

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