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I’m sitting here in Magnuson Park in Seattle. The early afternoon was spent at Serevi Rugby camp.

I remember coming here often as a boy, back when this was the Sandpoint Naval Station. I’m aware of its history as an air station during World War II, evolving into a support station that seemed to focus on the retiree community. It’s nice to see the space now. Seattle has done good work with the space, but there are hints of the history. I can tell the pavement is original. The age shows clearly. Plus, many of the old buildings are still here. Though, most of them are crumbling and just waiting for the wrecking ball.

A piece of Seattle’s history which is a piece of mine.

[Updated: grammatical edits]

I’ve been nuts for mountainbikes since I first stumbled upon them in the 80s. I’ve been able to ride all over, but never anything as epic as this.

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