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New Years Fun

My family’s habit: head to Bellingham for New Year’s Eve. Personally, I enjoy the calmer vibe. Having lived downtown Seattle, I had my fill of crowded mayhem.

We spend the day wandering Fairhaven. For me, a stop at Tony’s is a must. Lunch at Avenue Bread or at Colophon are other favorites. My favorite bookshop, Village Books, has a great sale over the holiday. Plus, simply walking through Boulevard Park makes for a great time.

I delight in this town and always enjoy time spent here. Bellingham owns a piece of my heart.

Continuing the Exploration

My life orbits South Snohomish County, especially Lynnwood. This is where we settled at 10, where I graduated high-school, and now where I raise my son. Several decades of my life right here. I get out, we do “things”, and yet there always remains some place new. So many places, nearby, where my feet have not ventured. For instance, I’ve yet to do more than sail through the San Juans. I’ve never been off the ferry. Never! Perplexes many friends.

With so many opportunities in my proverbial backyard, my interest and fascination with this area grows. Thus, I continue my explorations. And with a new addition. I want to experience some place new, some place I’ve never been before. Whether a new town, new site, new restaurant, new park; I want to make a deliberate choice to seek out new stuff and do new things. Not to discount the stuff I already love, but to add a deeper richness to my knowledge of the area.

Some random ideas: a day trip to the San Juans (actually getting off the ferry), the parks on Whidbey, hikes in the Cascades, and (my favorite) and tour of local burger places (like Dicks, Win’s in Bellingham, Ray’s in Everett, Burger Mill in Marysville, etc…).

Bellingham’s Fairhaven Sidewalk Sale : September 21

I’ve long loved the Fairhaven district of Bellingham. It’s quaint (overused, but just too perfect in this case), Victorian charm delights me. My two favorite shops: Village Books and Tony’s Coffee.

With that, this year’s Annual Fairhaven Sidewalk Sale (this Saturday) would be grand fun. I probably can’t make it up. But if you can, go. I expect it to be a lovely time.

Local Fireworks Displays

If you’re not inclined to zip over to the local fireworks stand (or Boom City), or just like professional fireworks, I’ve zipped together a little list for you. Not meant to be all-encompassing, by any stretch. Nor, for that matter, worrying about Seattle. That’s all over the tv and such. So, here’s the quick & dirty:

I orbit Edmonds and enjoy all the Fourth Events pulled together by the local Chamber. Stuff from 10am until 10 pm (when the fireworks begin). Details here: http://www.edmondswa.com/events/fourth-of-july.html

Other local communities:

Mountlake Terrace (activities start at 8:00 pm)

Everett will have a host of events culminating with a evening fireworks show starting at 10:20 pm: http://www.ci.everett.wa.us/default.aspx?ID=1163

Plus, it looks like there will be Fireworks after the Aquasox game: http://myeverettnews.com/2013/04/12/everett-4th-of-july-fireworks-parade-and-freedom-festival-are-a-go-this-year/

Lovely Kenmore has a show starting at 10:00 pm: http://www.americantowns.com/wa/kenmore/events/fireworks-show-2013-07-04

And one of my favorite towns, Bellingham, hosts a really nice production: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2013/06/23/3061605/port-of-bellingham-to-open-g-p.html


So, there’s a quick snapshot of the local fireworks show scene. Let me know if I’ve missed anything critical in the comments.



Easter weekend rarely comes with such copious amounts of sun. Spent a fair amount of time outdoors, as folks from west of the cascades are want to do.


Easter itself had us driving to Bellingham. Didn’t get to hit Tony’s Coffee or Village Books. Still a good trip, though traffic bogged down though Everett to Marysville. Well, pretty much up into Arlington. Holiday weekends feature that, though.

Hope everyone had a safe journey through the gorgeous weekend.