Month: February 2010

Bus Crash Video

I came across this video at The World According To Chuck. It’s a bit disturbing when you consider the damage done in this accident. I’m not sure why this bus doesn’t even slow down, whether inattention, a medical issue with the driver, or an equipment malfunction. It is a reminder, though, of the incredible power our vehicles harbor. I’ve long felt that people who drive while applying make-up, texting, reading, ad naseum, fail to respect the power of their cars. Distracted by their inflated id, I presume.

iLCP February 2010 Newsletter |

iLCP February 2010 Newsletter |

I’m a long-time fan of Art Wolfe’s work. It has been a critical component of my evolution as an environmentalist. His work taught me to appreciate the wild places, the wild things. With that appreciation came a desire to preserve. It delights me, then, to learn that he is part of a group, The International League of Conservation Photographers. Interesting, really, that this org, which encompasses two of my core passions, had completely escaped my awareness. My world is now richer.

This Weekend’s Read

I just finished up “Greasy Rider”, by Greg Melville. The premise captured me: two guys (dudes per the cover) driving across the country (from Burlington, Vermont to Berkeley, California) in a veggie-oil powered car. That, to me, sounds awesome. A nice book, more than just a travelog. Melville takes a pretty good (if not in-geeky-depth) look at the alternative fuels industry, it’s players and their motivations. He also side-trips, so to speak, into other areas of the green-movement (such as green building).

He has one observation that I agree with wholeheartedly: America, as a society, has lost (to a large degree) it’s ability to sacrifice. People do seem to want their solutions handed to them, in pretty packaging. Those of us who try to see things at a larger level, who try to live with some kind of higher calling tend to be regarded with ridicule and contempt. The greatest irony is the worst of the contempt-mongers delight in cloaking themselves in a shroud of morality. Sad, disturbing and exhausting.

All in all, a nice book. Worth the read. Much lighter reading than “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”.

Me, da Lib

I can’t help being liberal, and wouldn’t if I could. That’s the heart I’ve been given. Compassion is my core directive. It’s where I try to focus. I often fail, but the call remains. I’m weary, though, of those “conservatives” somehow deciding compassion is a moral weakness. That demanding equality for all is “ungodly”. Expecting all people to be treated with dignity is evil. What is wrong with them?