Month: July 2007

What’s next for Whole Foods, Wild Oats?

What’s next for Whole Foods, Wild Oats?

CEO’s anonymous comments on Web could add new hurdle to troubled deal


There really only seems to be one main question here: Mackey was badmouthing Wild Oats in a Yahoo stock forum as a way of devaluing the stock before his attempted acquisition. It would seem (to me) that this would be a concern of the FTC, or at least this conduct’s most damning possible motivation. Otherwise, it’s a goofy episode and little more.  The Yahoo piece, is a bit titillating, but really small potatoes to his boardroom talk.


Sprint’s Customer Service

I just read on CNET’s Crave about Sprint’s "dear John" letters to their more frequent customer service callers. It’s an interesting tactic to streamline their customer service experience. The first thing I wonder about is whether these dismissals are not the work of Sprint. I just can’t see how these can solely be those high-maintenance/"Dinette Set" types. Personally, I see much of this as messes of their own making. Comically, they’re being quite gracious, since they’re fully canceling their service, with no penalties. Considering their reputation, I’m quite certain that I’d be quite pleased with the option to bail. Somehow, I doubt that this will help their churn rate.

Thoughts in the evening

Another day where I am just weary. I’m looking forward to a short week, and accompanying rest. It’s strange, I think, how hard it is to just think at times. Reading the news is empty. I get to the end of a paragraph and retain zero. Perhaps it’s the early summer warmth, or allergies, or just being run too thin.

I wonder where I want to take my love of technology. There are so many directions. The two that come readily are to puruse programming/development and to follow a more artistic avenue. Part of me craves combining my old love of photography, poetry, writing and music. Perhaps I can do something with web design?

It’s painful, though, to my overworked brain to think of anything too deep right now. I sit on the cusp of a migraine, with medicines (thank goodness) being effective. I hope the weariness wears off soon and I can give these thoughts the deeper consideration they deserve.