Month: February 2007

Life in the church

One of my blogging colleagues wrote recently about issues she’s having with her (Episcopal) parish priest. Now, I spent many years working for a church and have a somewhat unique, perhaps skewed, perspective. Anyway, issues within a congregation are always particularly painful. Consider one key point, if you will. People feel an intense attachment to their congregations, to the buildings. This is, at its core, not only good but essential. However, at times it can cause anguish. Messing with components of worship really becomes messing with the core of people’s identity, with their relationship with the divine. If not dealt with well, you are telling those you disagree with that their relationship with God is somehow wrong. Not very priestly, or pastoral in any sense. It’s quite critical for clergy (in particular, but not excluded to them) to keep this in mind lest they harm their flock. The “my way or the highway” mentality may work for leading a Republican congress, but not a parish. It’s ugly, un-pastoral, and damn un-Christian.

More Vista Thoughts

One thing that I would love to have seen, and that would have made me run out and by Vista, or any OS, is a focus on speed and efficiency. I’m quite sure that Vista is in the same boat as all the rest of the MS OS offerings. More features, more bloat, more RAM, less efficiency and S-L-O-W. At some point, I want all the OS options to focus on using less resources. Use what I have better! Of course, then I wouldn’t NEED to run out and buy something new every few years (months?). Sigh, I’m back to cynicism again…

Vista and other joys

Well, I’ve seen much of the hoopla around the release of windows newest edition and have been feeling quite underwhelmed. Nothing huge, mind you, just that I haven’t seen anything as yet to induce to buy any of the versions. Comically, I’m still trying to discern the differences between the different versions. What do I get for the $100 version, vs. the $400? I know some of the pieces, but am still not feeling a great, well, anything. With XP, I could tell you what I would get with Home vs. Profession, and why someone should get one or the other. Vista’s a bit too messy for me, I’m afraid. I’m more excited about installing Ubuntu Linux right now. I just need to budget some time to do a full backup first, then I will partition my Compaq’s hard drive and set it up for dual boot. Hopefully, doing the full install will enable me to troubleshoot my issue with my wi-fi card (running Linux from the cd, I was unable to use my wi-fi card. Oddly, it was detected and on the list of supported devices.) I’ve been looking forward to experimenting with Linux for years. This should be fun, in that odd, geeky way of fun that I have. Yeah, I’m the guy who set up a wireless network for fun. Sigh…