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Woke to an unfamiliar song playing in my mind. Such events make me wonder. So, was this piece created by my mind, or is this some random thing, absorbed into my memory bank?

Consider all the songs I’ve been exposed: radio, movies, tv, myriad languages, styles and types. Music presented overtly & covertly, hidden in the current moment’s background. I hold that my brain absorbed all of this, deep with in some analog archive.

Dreams often come laden with meaning. Some dreams, though, come laden with absurdity. Perhaps that means something. Perhaps my Mind’s haunted by Lewis Carroll. Perhaps.

I finally dove in and tried Foursquare. For a few months I tried remembering to check in everywhere I went. Once or twice, a coupon came through and I saves a few bucks. Ultimately, it was about maintaining connection with friends. However, few friends where active and fewer still significantly engaged. Additionally, becoming “friends” with a true stranger was quite uncomfortable; even for me (who is quite comfortable being public facing). The graph of Foursquare activity is quite intimate.

Summing up: keeping up with check-ins always felt tedious. There were a few fun exchanges with friends, but mostly nothing. For me, the experience was really devoid of value. I pretty much have abandoned the platform.

I’d love to heat what you think. Live the thing, hate it, think I was crazy to even try it? Drop a comment and let me know.

Cheers, all!

Listen for music’s zeitgeist. Harmonics: voices intersecting, creating sounds not uttered, rather vibrations overlapping, the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Music offers us so very much, should we choose to listen. We may learn the value of each voice, whether frantically busy or quietly adding structure, all critical to the audio portrait of a piece. Each pitch and tone crucial to the landscape. Silencing one changes the whole.

We must learn to value voices equally. This summarizes the commandment to love.


Laden with excitement
Delights brim from myriad sources.

So much needed
Too much pain, no sitting idle.

Human limits, faced by needed rest
Demands of family.

All I want to do
So much to care, to love.

Unable to complete all I see.
Trim the lesser… and Live!

Night embraces me
Lingering this early morn.
Sunlight rises soon.

Funny discussion recently: using non-phone photos on Instagram…cheating or no? Fascinating thoughts about purpose, medium, and veracity. To me, all art embraces a zen quality. Cheating doesn’t exist. Well, not in this context. Plagiarism, another beast, another story.

So, the question remains, and no answer comes from me. You?

Sunlight greets the morn
Shadows play in dew soaked grass
Bird’s call, anointing.

The sun rose with filtered light,
Dawn’s still stronger than the night
Hope arises, born anew
Even when the skies aren’t blue.
Though we shake, we know the truth
That fear won’t win, not absolute.
Redemption frees us from our doubt.
Then our silence becomes a shout.

Grey skies greet the morn.
Solemn moment this summer.
Tranquil blessedness.

Mistook you
For a sinner.

Shall we
Transfer your soul
Into that rock?

It shall feel
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