Month: November 2012


Paralyze my forward motion.
Continuously reviewed; my past.
Parse, tear apart, drift away my focus
From now, here.

Unwilling to be wrong?
High standards gone awry?
Or just internal schadenfreude?
A delight in my own misery.

Always my past,
Drug forth, tortured.
Each fault extracted
My anguish revisited;

Both Sides : A Project Idea

Gaza is erupting into conflict, and my Twitter feed rolls along, snippets hitting every second. I have connections on both sides. One twitter friend in particular is making a point to retweet both sides of this conflict. That morphed into an idea.

This idea: a project capturing the myriad sides to a conflict, whether violent, political or cultural. First notion was to actively research, tweeting to the hashtag
#AllSides____ (adding the issue in the blank. i.e.: #AllSidesGaza. Spend, say, an hour of focused time just tweeting every article, RTing personal perspective, all into this one stream. My goal? Capturing as many perspectives on that issue as possible in one place. Collating/curating perspectives personal and analytical.

I feel a simple hashtag feed, though, isn’t enough. Yet I’m unsure what to add. Build some kind of analytic tool? Infographics? Probably would be something to consider after to curation is complete.

Or maybe not. If done right, this would become continuous, organic. Then an analytic tool that continuously analyzed and restructured the report would be fascinating. I think grabbing snapshots at specific moments would be grand.

So, any thoughts? I’d love to hear your ideas.