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Into the oblivion
Plunge headlong
For the perceived
Safety of stillness
Lays destruction

Drifting brain
Mind floats, weightless. 
Flurry of data
Carries thoughts upon 
A dream-laden river. 
Dreams laze across summer sunbeams. 
Flickers of dust briefly present 
Then lost upon life’s currents; 
Gentle summer breeze. 
Nighttime moves below my dreams. 
Flowing visions upon clouds. 
Drifting skywards amongst the stars. 
Futures born amidst. 
About fatherhood: 
Hard yet wonderful journey. 
Happy Father’s Day! 
Unlit sky. 
Lower, slightly above the ground,
Trod by us. 
Pale, weak, faux-sun
Claws some mystery 
Back from the night. 

This week descending.
Towards the freedom of weekends.
Fleeting respite: ghosts.

A little haiku to bring you towards the weekend.


I live for the wind.
Crying, wending through fir boughs.
Dancing gracefully.

’twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house
We all were coughing and wheezing
Especially my spouse.

My son was wheezing
And coughing up goo.
We’re hot and then freezing
Just feeling like poo.

Medicines arranged
On the counter darn well,
With hopes these germs
Would be blasted to hell.

My wife with Kleenex
I had some too.
So often we sneezed,
Then the well worn “bless you”.

Bumped into the table,
Drugs all go a clatter.
Onto the ground,
This stuff that just matters.

As I pick up the junk,
I hear a strange sound.
Santa, it seems,
Well, a sniffling sound.

Lite coughing I hear,
I feel bad that I gripe,
When his nose I see,
Upon his sleeve he gently does wipe.

I hand some Kleenex,
The stuff with lite lotion.
He pats my left shoulder,
Quiet emotion.

Up the chimney he goes,
With a cough and a sneeze.
I look out the window,
He then says out to me.

“Hair we fish sticks, do awe,
Odd may comfort find ewe.
Germs go awayed,
My node cleared up too.”

Resisting the gate-keepers of mediocrity.
Crafting a life, unique.
Freed from fetters of mundanity.
This life I seek, eventually.

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