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Alaska Airlines to begin flights to 8 West Coast cities from Everett’s Paine Field this fall | The Seattle Times

I expect this is the start of significant changes in Snohomish county. Prixinuty to an airport makes Everett and the rest of the county that much more attractive for companies. Or so goes the theory. 

The county has been working to mitigate the traffic impacts. Hopefully that will be effective. 

What do you think? 


I’ve been neglecting this page for some time, as I ran off to other projects. However, there are things I really like about the community that is WordPress, and the hosted sites. This is a great community that’s quite easy to engage with. So, I’m back to loading content here. I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads.

Resolutions and Such

Just read a Timbuk2 ad which I found quite clever, and a bit thought provoking.

“Resolutions are typically about things you don’t really want to do”.


Gives me pause, for I find it rather true. The whole notion of resolutions seem to be about things I “should” be doing, or doing better. Rarely have I heard a resolutions about things we love. Perhaps the best resolution, at least the most productive and inspiring one, should be a resolution to do more things I truly love. Or, if you prefer to focus on the negative, resolve to do less things that suck.

Resolving to focus more on the things I love, the things that give me joy, and take the energy away from those things with maximum suck-a-tude? Ok, I guess there’s some joyless tasks we all must do, but give that less energy/less time? That I can rally behind.


Thoughts on Delta’s CEO “In-flight cell phone calls would be a ‘disruption to the travel experience’

Just read this bit over at Geekwire, and was struck by one key thing.

Delta CEO: In-flight cell phone calls would be a ‘disruption to the travel experience’

Delta CEO Richard Anderson wrote up a memo to 80,000 Delta employees notifying them that even if the U.S. Federal Communications Commission decides to allow cell phone calling in the air, Delta customers won’t be able to do so.

 Makes me wonder how Delta would actually enforce this. Will they re-route their flights and throw someone off the plane who isn’t doing something technically illegal?

More importantly, I expect this to be a lingering hold-out. Once this proverbial “cat it out of it’s bag”, consumers will be expecting to use their phones in flight quite soon. That transition should happen quickly.

For me? I’ll buy noise-cancelling headphones before my next flight.

Facebook’s Video Ads

Autoplayed videos; oh, how I loathe thee! I’ve been grousing about this for years. And now, NOW Facebook wants to launch into the space. Grrrr…

The radio piece I heard this morning didn’t  have much, except stating the auto-play piece. Reading this article on AdAge gives a bit more balance. Apparently, scrolling or swiping past will stop them from playing. And the mobile app won’t play them unless you’re on wifi. I guess that’s better than some of the ways these are executed, but still…

What I find most interesting, though, is their eagerness. Yes, this has a large revenue potential ($1 *10^6/day, plus the ability to deeply refine their  targeting), but, BUTTTTT I don’t know anyone who isn’t annoyed by them. I wonder how much this will alienate users, perhaps driving them somewhere else? Ok, I really don’t think that this will drive a max influx of Google+ users, but I do believe it will drive a lot of people to download Adblock, or one of it’s kindred products.


Life in the Shadow

A key moment of political awareness for me came during my mid-teens. I don’t remember the full context, but I realized that I knew great details about the candidates for Seattle’s mayor, but nothing about mine (Lynnwood’s). I didn’t even  know WHO Lynnwood’s mayor was. That made me aware of the dominance of Seattle in this region. Not simply political, but media-wise and culturally.

For example, media-wise, besides Seattle’s several tv stations (this was the 80s), Spokane had a few, and I believe Yakima had one or two, Bellingham had KVOS, and Tacoma had a PBS station on VHF. Print news had greater presence, but was distributed much the same.

This motivated me to learn more about this region, to explore and understand with greater detail the richer culture. That’s become much easier with the advent of the internet and world wide web. I’m nowhere near where I wish to be, and plan to continue with my explorations.

Mmmmm…Garlic Festival! : Sept. 26 -> Oct. 13th

Yummy, yummy garlic! I’m bummed I’ve already missed a weekend of this.

Lombardi’s at the Everett Marina
1620 W. Marine View Dr., Everett, WA 98201  –  P: (425) 252-1886  –

Back by Popular Demand!
Garlic Festival 2013, Sept. 26th – Oct. 13th.

The crisp air of fall returns and so does Lombardi’s Garlic Fest!  After a 5 year hiatus, Lombardi’s Garlic Festival is back, from September 26th to October 13th!

We’ve created a special menu featuring the “Stinking Rose,” in appetizers, entrees, and desserts; crafted garlic infused cocktails, and cooked up a host of special events to celebrate “the love of the bulb.”  And of course it wouldn’t be Garlic Fest without the “Guess how many garlics” contest.

Favorites from our Garlic Festival menu include; Baked Gilroy Garlic with crispy Italian bread, 40 Clove Roasted Chicken, Pasta Nera, with garlic tiger prawns & black linguine, and our ever popular Cappuccino Brownie. Absolutely Heavenly!

Garlic Fest Menu

Special Events Schedule:

Everett Marina
Thursday, October 10th, Garlic Cocktail Class, 4:00-7:00pm. Drop in for a garlic infused cocktail crafting demo, tantalizing tastings, and nibbling with Blue water Vodka owner, John Lundin and Lombardi’s GM, Josh Pedersen. $20.00, includes light appetizers, cocktail samples & sales tax.  425.252.1886

Upcoming Wine Paring Dinners
Mark your calendar for our next series of wine pairing dinners, featuring the fabulous wines of Piedmont.
Wednesday, November 6th, at the Everett Marina.
Thursday, November 7th, in Mill Creek

More details to follow….

The Perfect Pairing, Lombardi’s and Village Theatre
Dinner and a Show doesn’t get any better than Lombardi’s and Village Theatre.  Whether you’re dining at Lombardi’s at the Everett Marina, or Lombardi’s in Mill Creek, the discount offer on the back of your show ticket is valid at either location.  The next Village Theatre blockbuster, Xanadu, opens on October 25th. Purchase Xanadu Tickets or subscribe to the complete season.

Reservations    Your Website 

Mill Creek
Saturday, September 28th, Cooking Class, 10am to noon.  Presented by Executive Chef, Matt Romeo and Lombardi’s founder, Diane Symms. Learn how to roast the perfect head of garlic and make pizza in our Woodstone oven. $18.00, Lunch included. RSVP, 425.892.2931

Thursday, October 3rd, Casual Wine tasting in the main dining room, 5:30-8pm; featuring the great wines of Piedmont, IT, home of Barolo. Table side discussions with Diane Symms. These wines pair beautifully with the cheeses, meat dishes, and wild mushrooms in our Garlic Fest menu. Piedmont wines available by the glass to enjoy with your appetizer or entree.

Take home your favorite bottle of Piedmont wine with special “retail” pricing.  Better than at the winery! Make a regular reservation in the dining room. 425.892.2931

Festa Italiana : This Weekend September 27-29

I’ve lived the vast majority of my life in this region, yet I still find long-standing, recurring events that I’ve never heard of. Here’s one: Festa Italiana. Part of the Seattle Center’s grand array of cultural events, celebrating the multitude of cultures converging in Seattle.

Starting on Friday the 27th with the Taste of Italy, followed by the actual Annual Italian Festival on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th. The website has all the details.

My favorite part: starting at 3;30 pm on Sunday, the Spectrum Chamber Players will present a selection of classical Italian pieces. That is worth your time all on its own. Add the grape-stomping, book-signings, wine-tastings…quite a comprehensive list of things to experience.