Everett Community College Event : NW Neighborhood Meeting

Everett Community College (EvCC)
2000 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201-1390 – 425-388-9100
Whitehorse Hall, Rm 105 (Corner of 10th & Broadway across from Everett Transit Center @ EvCC)
Free Parking on campus (Lot E)  Look for NW Neighborhood signs.

NW Neighborhood Meeting
September 19, 2013
6:30 – 6:45 Meet and Greet
6:45 – 7:00 Sgt. Bosman/ Police Report
7:00– 8:00 Philip Martin – Compassion 2 One
Philip will educate us on Sex Trafficking in our area and the Puget Sound.
How to be aware, how to help!

Message from NW Neighborhood Chair Shelley Weyer:

How did I choose Philip Martin from Compassion 2 One to come and speak at our meeting?  Last April, I heard a story on KIRO newsradio about a 15 year old that was sold for sex right here in our backyard.  Your eyes will be opened when you read this article that is available online from www.MYNorthwest.com

This is the link: http://mynorthwest.com/646/2249364/Child-sex-trafficking–as-easy-in-Seattle-as-ordering-a-pizza

This story moved me to have this person come and share with our community about this horrible reality in our area.  Children as young as 12 years old are working as sex slaves in King County, the article reports, but I am guessing Snohomish County has some of the same statistics.

The 15 year old was from a typical suburban home, played high school soccer and was a violinist.  The 15 year old disappeared for 10 days and her father drove the streets of Seattle looking for their little girl.  Around 2 weeks later the police had found the runaway daughter looking completely different than when they had last seen her.

The most shocking part of the story; she had been held captive here in Everett.  She had been raped and forced to work the streets.  Please read the article to find out more about what could happen to one of our families if we do not educate ourselves and come and hear Philip Martin from Compassion 2 One.


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