Driving & Seattle Culture

Two events yesterday drove home a key piece of Seattle culture. One: guy with Illinois plates driving maniacally through my line of cars, with extreme frustration clearly displayed. Two: freeway backup due to a car fire.

Item one demonstrated the laid back style of Seattle driving. No sense of hurry, nor urgency. This is visible at any stop sign, where we have the old Mac & Tosh routine. “No, after you. No, no…after you.” We often deal with paralysis by politeness. Polite-alysis?

With item two, we have the Seattle ogle. Now, this fire was dramatic: Corvette’s front end was gone, foam everywhere. But the firetrucks were long gone. Yet, traffic crawls by so we can all get a good look. Amen continues even after we’re well past. Craning their necks to keep it in view. Causes tons of accidents, all on its own. Funny, I guess.

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