Random area business thoughts

Several of my friends tease me, since I’ve worked for Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft, when will I work for Boeing. PACCAR gets occasional mention, too. It’s never been an official goal of mine to experience the cultures of all the region’s largest businesses. Yet, now, having journeyed this far, I’m mildly interested in the rest.

Boeing holds a unique spot. As a boy, I was a space and aircraft nerd. My purpose for joining the Navy was to work on aircraft. (Going from that to serving on a submarine is a story for another day,) I grew up, for the most part, in the shadow of Everett’s Paine Field. Myriad friends and family work at Boeing.

With all this, I’ve never worked there. Every time I have wanted to work there, I commit to some other job before the big B gets around to asking me in. I can think of two times that I would’ve needed to turn down a job offer for the chance to work at Boeing. My brain doesn’t work that way. Perhaps the right time and opportunity will come. We shall see, I guess.

There are several other larger companies is the area that bear mentioning. Ones like Zumiez, Premera, Fluke, Pemco, and Safeco. Several world class companies. And this shouldn’t minimize the huge number of small and mid-sized businesses around here, too. A diverse economy, with a variety of businesses. Helps make this a dynamic place.


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