Month: April 2013

@Zumiez Videos : Life In Lynnwood

Zumiez is headquartered in Lynnwood, just a short distance from the old Landmark Inn just off of I5 and 44th. They’re a significant player in the boardsport style space, with sales topping $555 million in 2012.

Here’s one of their YouTube videos. Kinda fun stuff. Gives you insight into their brand. Enjoy!


Monroe, WA : No Recycling, Garbage, or Yard Debris Collection Today

The city of Monroe just posted this on their site: 

No Recycling, Garbage, or Yard Debris Collection Today

Not sure what the issue is, but they give you the details. 

Just helping get the word out.


Thoughts on podcasting & NPR

I like to listen to podcasts on my commute. This got me thinking about how many of NPR’s weekly shows would lend themselves nicely to the podcast format. The first show I thought of, though, is Fiona Ritchie’s Thistle & Shamrock. It’s not carried locally and, unless I find a live stream, I’m out of luck.

Providing the whole show via podcast would work nicely. Broadcast the show intact. You can increase your viewership significantly with minimal increased coast. There’s great power in allowing timeshifting.

I think it’d be a great win for NPR. You?

The Everlasting Nature Of Bad PR

I noticed this gem trending on Reddit today:Zales Fires Top Earning Saleswoman Because She Needs Surgery. Basics: Zales fires one of their best performing sales staff right after being informed she will need to take a disability leave. However one feels about this, the most crucial piece is that this is from 2009. 4 years later, this is rising on Reddit. You can guarantee that Zales will get hate messaging about this. Reminds me of one of the recurring issues I saw at Starbucks: Starbucks Hates The Military Rumor. This guy kept recycling, often at the most random times. Lesson: be very careful with your PR. Even false accusations will cycle through cyberspace and provide you regular aggravation. True ones will continuously rise up and bite, teeth sharper with each retelling.

It’s official: Edmonds IGA Market will open in former Petosa’s space May 15 | My Edmonds News

From MyEdmondsNews

I used to live close to the old Petosa’s in downtown Edmonds. Having a grocer a short walk away was glorious. And we were amongst those saddened when Petosa’s closed its doors. The building owners have done well, though, finding a new tenant with the same commitment and vision. I expect they’ll be a welcome neighbor.

Welcome to Edmonds, IGA!

More Thoughts on LinkedIn

I’m expanding on my thoughts from a few weeks back.

LinkedIn functions as an afterthought for so many. Sharing of personal stories happens on Facebook. Well, most internet interaction seems to happen on Facebook. It had games, myriad other apps for consuming time. Yet, if you’re like me, you have a career to manage. I value my career, even though I’m trying to find a unique path through my work life. So, I’m trying to nurture my LinkedIn account.

Maybe I should call it “curate”. Immaterial, really, the label. What’s important is deliberate focus. I seek to expand my influence. Thus, connecting with new people consistently. At least weekly access, though I shoot for more. Sharing relevant articles. And, though seeking to expand my network, not add everyone in the world. Additionally, I want the heavy lifting done before I’m seeking a new job. That’s one of the cynical parts to LinkedIn. People don’t use the tool extensively until they’re job hunting. True or not, there is that perception. I have noticed more users sharing content, though, and with greater regularity. LinkedIn’s potential should really expand over the coming year.

These are just a few thoughts on what I’m doing with this interesting tool. I don’t think I’m utilizing it to it’s full potential, yet I’m doing better than most.  What are you doing with it? Live it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments. 

City of Mountlake Terrace Seeking Management Bids

Terrace’s struggles with their cute municipal golf course may have come to an end as they get ready to change the space into parkland. I have fond memories of learning the game here, and really like the space. They intend to continue utilizing the clubhouse. And here’s an interesting opportunity, business-wise. The City is looking for someone to manage the space. To be clear they’re looking for a company to take on a contract, and not a city employee role. Anyway, if you have the capacity, you have until COB May 3 to submit your bid.

More details here: