The Critical Importance Of Web Presence For HOAs And The Like

After working in real estate for the past few months, several things became clear. In today’s age, a small home owners or condo owners association must, MUST have a website. This should contain contact information and the scope of the org. Really, this is a basic yet powerful communication tool for your membership. A simple blog would do wonders.

I’ve heard many HOAs reps complain about banks not dues. Yet they make it nearly impossible to track them down. A basic website, around long enough for crawlers to grab key SEO terms, can get this accomplished.

Extend this out to small governmental and quasi-governmental orgs. I’m thinking mainly, right now, about small water associations. A simple website can make you, well, findable.

So, a little rant on a Saturday morning. Thanks for listening. Well, reading. Peace and well-being to you all.


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