Marketing Thoughts

A few days ago, I sat in a seminar. The panel’s discussion interested me, but wasn’t my main takeaway. My main “bit” was when the leader was asked about his company’s latest tv campaign. Simple question: how well did it work? Imagine my surprise when he said that there really wasn’t any way to track the ROI. I expect most major companies have tools to do just that. Exact? Probably not. Exactness is probably not that critical. But some metrics to justify the expense seem prudent.

I thought of a basic way to measure. Simply compare inbound leads/contacts against “background”. Of course, that requires having a historical dataset to build off of. AKA, background.

Additionally, it would be valuable to have contacts asked “how did you hear of us”? Again, not terribly scientific, but valuable.

Random thoughts on a Friday night. Happy weekend to you all!

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