Thoughts on Messiahs and the Matrix

(Introductory Note: this will make little sense if you’re unfamiliar with the mythology of The Matrix trilogy…my apologies)

Morpheus is my favorite character from The Matrix. Smarter, and voluntarily committed, not the reluctant messiah of Neo. Which makes me wonder about messiahs…they either are reluctant, or unquestionably obedient to a vision. I’m more aligned with the reluctant, probably since I’m not inclined to a sense of moral certitude. Having heros who struggle with vision, with stretching themselves from ordinary to greatness feels much more sincere. 

So what’s the deal with Morpheus? A key piece of this character is his calm confidence in his vision, in who Neo is and what he will accomplish. He always works toward his vision, even (or especially) in the face of challenge and adversity. He is key as Neo’s mentor, yet there comes the point where he no longer impacts the story, becoming somewhat a passive recipient of Neo’s sacrifice. It’s interesting that the climax of the trilogy occurs between Neo and Smith, yet there is action for the rest of Zion. But they’re efforts are, really, empty. Their fight is utterly useless. If Neo fails, they die. If he succeeds, they life. And there’s nothing they can do but hold out until Neo can finish his task. Part of Morpheus’ willingness to fight a pointless battle is his desire to survive Neo’s quest’s completion. So, my attraction is based on his commitment and tranquility. His certitude of his pupil’s ability. And, probably, his faith in the continuance in the ability of humanity to persevere. For without this, what hope does a messiah offer? 

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