Wil Wheaton stated a fantastic idea in the last Radio Free Burrito: do something creative everyday for 31 days. Feeling withered creatively, this seems an excellent course of action. Earlier (this morning), I broke out my Moleskine, grabbed one of my old poetry texts and determined to write from the first form that appeared before me. First on the page was the tanka, cousin to the haiku.

&nbsp&nbspCollective mind
&nbsp&nbspGrowing within our hands, bright
&nbsp&nbspBlast of knowledge, linked
&nbsp&nbspMassive data together
&nbsp&nbspKnowledge not equal wisdom.

Shifting to haiku:

&nbsp&nbspData, data, ow!
&nbsp&nbspBurns my brain, searing knowledge
&nbsp&nbspNot understanding

Lastly, and most challenging, was limerick. Not being in the most humor-centric of moods, I thought that, perhaps, limerick doesn’t need to be funny.

&nbsp&nbspSilliness, sunlight’s love, joyfully
&nbsp&nbspExploring starlit air, blue above sky
&nbsp&nbspInto the park the go,
&nbsp&nbspChild’s play, just fun, sun’s glow.
&nbsp&nbspBuilding, today, a beautiful life of joy


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