A Design Career

As cool as another web design class sounds, I’m thinking of getting a copy of CS5 and exploring “manually”. In particular, I haven’t had a chance to mess with InDesign for several iterations. I believe that the last version I explored was prior to the CS Suite bundling. I’ve never used InDesign in a professional setting. The last product I used with Quark, and I’m not sure the version. So I’m really interested in bringing my desktop publishing skills current. Well, at least production environment software-wise. I am up-to-date with MS Publisher. Anyway, I could try and get CS4, as with CS5’s release, I should be able to get CS4 at a huge discount. And, from what I’ve been reading, getting my skills up-to-date with CS4 might work well.


One thought on “A Design Career

  1. I pick up design books at the thrift store even though I don't have the software. Every blue moon or so they do get the software (an old, old version) and then I can combine the two. Of course, I am very behind in this project. Right now I have a book for QuarkExpress and one for DreamweaverMX and yet another Dreamweaver which is older still. I have the software for the oldest Dreamweaver. It even works with my Windows Vista. I just need to give up this nasty habit of sleeping. http://wordgrrls.com

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