A Morning Musing

It is dark this morning, right now shortly before 6:00 am. One part of the darkness is the clouds, certainly, but another part is the season’s evolving from summer to fall. Autumn’s delights are sneaking in. The hints are there to the watchful eye. Of course, for me, it’s not so dreadful a thing. This is my favorite season. For so many, it is summer, with its warmth and, I guess, lower clothing requirements. Me, I love jackets and sweaters, as well as the cool crispness of the air. This light chill is a delight, though the burning pain of bruising cold winter is less delightful. Perhaps it was my early childhood in New England, as I remember the red maple and oak leaves. Perhaps it is because my birthday is in October, and I’ve been operantly conditioned for a pleasurable response to autumn (oh, B.F. Skinner, how you’ve taken the delight out of life!). Forgive me, if you will, the delight I take in the change, dear friend summer. I wish you no ill, and look forward to your return next year.

2 thoughts on “A Morning Musing

  1. Oh autumn is coming and I’m SO excited for it! It’s my favorite season. I bake like gangbusters, with mostly pumpkin ingredients.Also love the sweaters.Yesterday was rather summerlike, but we did one of my favorite things to do on an early autumn day – walk downtown, grab coffee, go to farmers market, get locally grown ingredients and locally made foodstuffs, come home and COOK!

  2. I love heading to the market…after the tourists have gone home. There is no malice for said tourists, the crowds do make the market a bit uncomfortable.Oh, and another autumn gift: scarves!

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