An Evening With A Weary Mind

Often I have evenings where my mind is simply muddy, overheated, I guess, from the mad dash through the day. Days like today, when I’m peppered with work. Last minute stuff; urgent, weird executive requests of high priority because of the position of said requester. Strangest to me is how un-tired my body is in relation to my whipped mind. And now my weary 5-year-old (who would deny tiredness) is calling for my attention. Two cranky people, weary of mind and patience. Should be joyous…

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One thought on “An Evening With A Weary Mind

  1. a fer 1) He’s FIVE? How’d that happen???b fer 2) You’re making me look oh so forward to the joys of parenthood… maybe I should think about avoiding that, what with a new job that really keeps me on my toes during the day and lying flat on my back after work….

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