Another Seattle Icon Closes – Bud’s Jazz Records

Bud’s Jazz Record’s is Closing


I first heard of Bud’s when I was studying Jazz at Edmonds Community College in the 1980’s (with Bob Nixon, Frank DeMiero, Jim Guard, amongst other luminaries) and my classmates and I would make pilgrimages. Bud’s willingness to walk me through the store and introduce me to great trombonists (my horn) was simply awesome. It was Bud who introduced me to JJ Johnson, Bob Brookmeyer, and Steve Turret (amongst many others). No way would I have heard of such performers so easily, especially not in one sitting. Having Bud’s voluminous knowledge at the ready was one of the things I worried about when he sold in 01.


The loss of such institutions does hurt our community. Though great and wonderful things have been happening because of our digital connections, this face-to-face experience is a basic, core experience. However, I think that the world will figure out what’s been lost and the pendulum will return…some day. Until then, we (and the whole world) can listen to Bud on KBCS Monday mornings at 9:00 (Pacific).


Needless to say, I will be making the walk down to the store one last time and stocking up. My sadness is deep, though.

One thought on “Another Seattle Icon Closes – Bud’s Jazz Records

  1. Awwww…That’s terribly sad! I’ll also head down there soon to purchase some CDs and pay my respects.The lack of comment is due to the fact that we’re in Germany right now. It’s about 3 a.m. here at a hostel in Bacharach, and I can’t sleep, so I got up and hopped onto the pay by minute computer, so know that I care enough to spend 10 cents a minute (in Euros) to read and reply.This also means the z and the y on the keyboard are reversed, making my touch typing skills virtually useless.

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