Oh, Lotto

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you were freed from your obligations for income? The scenario I picture is winning an uber-jackpot. What would you do? Personally, I’d pay off my credit cards and car, next stop the mortgage, then a new car. I would expect that I would replace my wardrobe, though not my personal style. No fashion magazine styles, no Italian sports car (though I’d be sorely tempted by Porches), and no mad run from here. I’d look for a nice home towards Puget Sound with a view. Nothing more grandiose than that.


These imaginings tell one a great deal. It, if nothing else, shows where one’s mind is right now. However, it also shows one’s priorities and values. Perhaps these images also show one’s pathologies as well. Perhaps…

2 thoughts on “Oh, Lotto

  1. I think I’ve still got the first step of my lotto spending figured out, and I have since I was about 16.I wouldn’t go crazy, but step one would be a trip to Easy Street Records. I’d keep what I purchased in a big box in the closet, and whenever I was ready for a new CD, I’d walk to the closet and yank one out.After that, I’d buy a house. Wouldn’t need to have a view of the Sound, but I wouldn’t complain if I got one. It would need enough space for Megan to have a vegetable garden and for me to have a pumpkin patch. We’d also need a music room and a craft room.I’d buy a good piano too.The rest (HA!) would go into savings, I would hope. I’ve heard that people who win the lotto tend to go bankrupt pretty quickly.

  2. I like the way you think. The pumpkin patch thought reminded me of the Pumpkin Pi that we carved in Canterbury. I should see if I have still have that picture.Oh, yeah…a piano. That’s a serious miss on my part.

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