Thoughts in the evening

Another day where I am just weary. I’m looking forward to a short week, and accompanying rest. It’s strange, I think, how hard it is to just think at times. Reading the news is empty. I get to the end of a paragraph and retain zero. Perhaps it’s the early summer warmth, or allergies, or just being run too thin.

I wonder where I want to take my love of technology. There are so many directions. The two that come readily are to puruse programming/development and to follow a more artistic avenue. Part of me craves combining my old love of photography, poetry, writing and music. Perhaps I can do something with web design?

It’s painful, though, to my overworked brain to think of anything too deep right now. I sit on the cusp of a migraine, with medicines (thank goodness) being effective. I hope the weariness wears off soon and I can give these thoughts the deeper consideration they deserve.

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