Article and thoughts

A little story about the iPhone, particularly about its upcoming release, but also exploring its Seattle connections. My favorite part, though, is the writer calling Bill Gates the “Simon Cowell of the software world”.


Though the iPhone brings forth some serious geek lust in me, I just can’t see springing for this anytime soon. The price point is a biggie, but I also have a great deal invested in the Palm/Treo line. Also, I hardly use my iPod, so I can safely say that I don’t need that feature.


If I was richer, I would be more willing to take a risk on a new platform (it wouldn’t be as much a risk, since I could just run out a buy another gadget at will, though). As I sit, though, I need to consider price and currently offered features. It’ll be interesting to see how this device plays out, though. I think this will have a great impact, and make the smart-phone more mainstream.


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